Saturday, November 12, 2011

Winter Season Must Haves !

Hey guys! With the release of my first blog I have decided to continue and big thanks to Celeste Cohen who is my first follower! This is such a big deal to me I mean, I know one follower. Really? Yea! I’m kind of hype. LOL. Anyway onto more important things like how hard it has become to coordinate my winter wardrobe. I must say that I have been so stumped by what to wear this season but there are some fashion must haves that I see are coming into style. Let’s get right to ‘em!
Dark nails are a staple for any outfit and they can go with absolutely anything. I have to admit that I absolutely adore Essie nail polish and I first bought her on a family vacation in Canada. She traveled with me all the way back to the states and when I landed I knew I could not go back to using my old polish! (Essie triumphs over O.P.I if you ask me, but I still love O.P.I all the same.) I just absolutely love the consistency of the polish and the simplicity of the bottle. Essie as a brand has taken the polish world by storm with its current bold colors and great quality nail polish. Three of my go to Essie colors this fall are def: Bobbing for Baubles, Really Red, Smokin’ Hot, and Tart Deco. Now I know Tart Deco is on the lighter side of the color spectrum but it SO in the running as of the colors I may wear on Thanksgiving! Essie is SUCH a classic, it is the epitome of nail polishes, and it does NOT disappoint in terms of quality.
*I know Essie is pretty expensive but it can be found at SOME drug stores for anywhere from $6-$8.  Also for an always classic look try Mademoiselle or Sugar Daddy which are light pinks.
Now I know scarves can be so casual, but this season they are really being used to dress up outfits in place of some accessories! For me it’s all about a nice statement scarf with amazing patterns, tones, and fabrics. Most of the scarves I own are Pashminas which can be found in malls or in other small specialty stores and they run for about $5-$10 each. But I have found a new love. Forever21 has the most amazing scarf collection (and maybe it is just online because this is where I got mine) I have ever seen. And for the decent price can you really resist? One, my best friend has which I am currently LOVING, is the Geometric Poncho in a yellow mustard and brown color. Now the reason why I bring up a poncho scarf is because it can be used as a light wrap on a chill night, or as a quick cover-up over a nice mini dress, it can even be folded up and used a regular scarf.  I first saw the poncho scarf in American Eagle and I really loved it, it was thick and sweater like and beautifully made. It really was more of a poncho sweater than a scarf but it was around $70! (Not surprising for AE but come on.) This Forever21 look alike is only $22.80 and it would go so well with a plain button up, dark wash jeans, and knee high brown boots. This poncho scarf is such a steal, it is boldly patterned with fall colors, and it can be used in a variety of ways!
*I will post a link to this poncho scarf below. It also comes in coral and there is also one that comes with a hood attached to it!
Wow! We are def taking it way back here. Statement jewelry has been around since the days of the Egyptians. Then we got into this whole Mod/Contemporary phase where everything went simple and now we are back to making bold statements with our jewelry! YAY.  Now this fall fashion is very quick and simple. Wearing turtlenecks during the winter may keep us warm but they can be so BLAH, so to spice it up why not try a nice chunky necklace or some jaw dropping earrings! You know me I’m ALL ABOUT THE BARGAIN so I have done some searching for you guys and I found that bebe has an affordably priced, great quality jewelry collection in general. But when I came across some of their statement neck laces I was awestruck! The Pearl &Crystal Woven Necklace is looking SO right for the holiday season that I think I might purchase it after this blog! I could not get over the ridiculously reasonable price and the quality. Now this item is new at bebe and I usually wait until I see some product reviews to buy but I certainly cannot even deal with what I have seen on their website. So impressed! It’s so rustic and can be worn during the day well into the night and at $39 it’s a great buy! Next on my list are earrings the Geometric Rhinestone Hoop Earrings and they are def a style I would pull off with ease. Although these earrings are not an everyday look they can certainly add automatic flair to a night out with a strapless top and pulled back hair. With these earrings no necklace or other jewelry are really even needed! These earrings are said to be “boho” by bebe but they are actually the “modern boho”. These earring are crisp clean and super geometric and once again for only $24 the price is SO right!
Now that you have read all my favs go ahead and give them a look and see what else you can find. By the way I’d like to know what are your winter season fashion must haves?

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  1. Thanks for the mention; I'm glad you've decided to keep blogging! :D I've been loving the dark nails trend too - the changing of the leaves always inspires me in autumn :) - giveaway at 50 followers! xx