Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hibernation or Reconstruction ?

As you all know winter is a time of hibernation for many. Today’s thought is one that I have lived by for many years now and it has always worked. Instead of setting a New Year’s resolution or trying to become a better person at one specific time of the year, why not choose winter? Winter time is a time of change, layers of clothing cover our bodies and we get to use the cold weather as an excuse to stay inside. The point I’m trying to make here is that the winter time is the perfect time to get healthy and try and turn our lives around.
Water. One thing we can do during the winter is drink LOTS of water. Allow yourself to stock up since during the summer you will be tempted to drink those fruity summery drinks. During the winter all drink choices are pretty much hot so why not have some refreshing cold water some time!
Moisturize. Next you can stock up on moisturizer. One really good winter cream for the face is the St. Ive’s Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer. Those who know me know that I am not a big St. Ive’s fan but I recently used this face cream at a friend’s house and my face did not peel during the day like it has been doing lately. I noticed that my Clinique moisturizer works well during the summer because it is so lightweight, but now that it is colder I need more protection. And this St. Ive’s cream does the job but is not too oily.
Exercise. Since it’s so cold outside I find myself hitting the gym even more during the winter!  I mean come on; do you want to be in the gym all summer long when it will be so nice out? NO! Take the time to work out during the winter and by the time summer comes around everyone will notice a new you because you’ve been tucked under those sweaters for so long.
Shop. Winter is the perfect time to shop for off season clothes. Trust me, I have been doing this for years and saving TONS. You all know what a bargain queen I am! Usually when I shop I pick up clothes that are opposite of the season it is. Not only do you save tons, you also get items that were once sold out or that were higher priced before. For example, a tank top may be $7.99 during the summer but during the winter you can find them marked down for $1.99!! Look for stores that put out summer clearance racks in the winter and if you order online be sure to use,
where you can save on shipping and even your entire order.
These are just a few ideas I use to make the winter time more enjoyable. Remember it’s never too late to begin reconstructing a new you! Trust me, the more work you put into the winter the better and healthier you will feel during the summer. Your body and health is what you make it, so make it right!
What are some of your favorite winter rules or ideas?


  1. Fab tips :) esp about shopping xx

  2. You're definitely right about shopping for summer clothes during the winter. I've bought so many tanks and shorts at a bargain during the winter months.

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