Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Beginnings

Hey guys! So today I’m doing something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time now but I just did not know how to get started. I am starting a blog. I know it sounds crazy right? Trust me it’s a big jump for me to do something that’s so open and out there on the internet and out there for everyone to see. LOL. But the truth of the matter is that I have so many things that run through my mind daily and I’m like OMG I should have written that down! Or I’ll think of something that's a great tip and then later on in the day I’ll totally forget it!
Anyway I sort of “built up the courage” you could say to do a blog because I began watching makeup gurus on YouTube. Now I have only recently began watching some of these gurus for a few months so I really only have seen the more popular ones. I have learned SO MUCH from these gurus and not just about makeup because my makeup collection consists of the very basics. But what makes these gurus so attractive to most of us is that they seem to be just that; Gurus. They seem to know everything about hair, nails, skin, and clothes and while the majority of us want to stop watching sometimes you know you can’t! It’s sort of addicting but it’s an addiction that’s not bad for you. I have friends who have told me that after watching some of these gurus they have gained confidence, they have become more in tuned with fashion and makeup, and most of all they have just become worldlier. That being said I also have a load of friends who do not like the gurus at all. They say they are dishonest, false, and rich spoiled kids. Now my take on all of this is if you are doing something you enjoy and making at least one person’s life a tiny bit better then why not do it?
But what I get asked all the time is why. Why do you continue to watch girls’ video themselves put makeup on their faces? Well the answer is very simple. You see, makeup gurus do what celebrities do but on a much smaller scale. They give us a chance to live vicariously through them and they make life seem problem free. For the person who is going through a hard time this is a great way to get away from your problems. To tell you what reels me in I’ll have to go to a much deeper place. The gurus are popular. Everyone wants to meet them and go shopping with them and have all the coveted makeup, shoes, and jewelry they have. So when a gurus does a video on a Forever21 Haul it makes you feel as though she is running home and personally showing you what she bought. When gurus do Room Tour videos they become instant hits because EVERYONE wants to know where you shop, what’s in your bathroom, and what face wash you use. You see, the more personal the better. The more in depth they get about their day and the more facts they tell us about their lives the closer we feel to them and therefore the more dedicated we become to their videos.
So you ask why this is my first blog ever? About makeup gurus on YouTube? Because these are ordinary girls like I who have influenced so many other ordinary girls. These are girls who make a ten minute video of how to apply gel eyeliner seem like a lifetime of fun feminine class, something that all girls aspire to be. This is something that I want my blog to be not just a place to write whatever I feel like. But to write, receive commentary, and have discussion with my readers. To influence them and let them know what I know and most importantly that they can teach me a load of things I would have never thought of.
Since I am new to this please be nice to my blog and remember good, bad, or indifferent I always appreciate comments! Thanks so much for reading. : )

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